5 Fun Exercises for Children’s Parties


Children’s parties can be a little overwhelming for both kids and parents. As anyone who has hosted them before knows, the mix of excitement and e-numbers in party food means kids run around like little balls of energy the whole time. While it’s fun for children to enjoy themselves, it’s also useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve during a party to help direct that energy and channel it appropriately. A few fun and useful exercises are bound to do the trick! By designing some fun games for your little party guests you’ll be able to put that excess energy to good use. Here are five fun ideas for exercises to do at children’s parties.


  1. Trampolining

Trampolining is a great activity for little ones with lots of energy to expend. While this requires some set up equipment – i.e. a good quality trampoline – and adult supervision, it’s a pretty stress-free activity. Simply put the kids on the trampoline and let them bounce to their heart’s content. This is great for encouraging flexibility in little ones and improving lower limb strength. The only thing to mention with trampolining is the potential for mess when lots of little ones bounce together. Sometimes they bounce on food items or bits of left over chewing gum. Make sure your equipment is clean before starting and if you need advice on how to remove chewing gum from clothes, have a look at this helpful article.


  1. Egg and spoon race

An oldie, but a goodie – children love an egg and spoon race. These races help stretch out leg muscles while testing balance and arm stability. Boil up as many eggs as you have children participating well in advance of the party so they have time to cool. Then give each child one egg and a spoon big enough to hold it. Set a start and finish line then set them off and see who’s the first to finish the race. As a reward for taking part kids can eat the boiled egg when they’re done – a healthy, protein rich snack!


  1. Obstacle course

Setting up an obstacle course can be great fun for little ones and the different parts of the course can offer exercises for lots of different muscles. Try setting up a course with a range of different exercises – some where they need to crawl on the floor, others which involve jumping, hopping and skipping. Children love an obstacle course and won’t even notice the amount of exercise they’re getting.


  1. Three-legged race

This is another classic. Get children into pairs and using soft rope or ribbon, gently tie two of their legs together. Line them up at a starting point then see who can get the furthest. This is great cardiac exercise as they’ll be trying to run, but it’s also good for balance and coordination as, to be successful, they have to work together in pairs.


  1. Water fight

On a hot summer afternoon there’s nothing better than a good, old fashioned water fight. If you have enough space away from anything you don’t want to get wet and some water balloons, letting your kids go wild with this activity is sure to tire them out while exercising their arms and aim skills. Remember to have lots of towels and dry clothes at the ready!


Those are our top tips for fun exercises at children’s parties. Remember to have everything prepared in advance and know what to do when things don’t quite go according to plan – whether that’s learning how to remove chewing gum from clothes after a messy session on the trampoline or having towels ready for that post-water fight clean up. Whatever you do, by getting children physically active during a party, you’ll help them expend all that pent up energy and have a really great time.


Submitted by Rachel Lindsey

Rachel Lindsey is a writer specialising in lifestyle, health and parenting advice. She has written for major websites and publications about everything from creativity in kids to eco holidays abroad.

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