Friday Fitness – Bunny Hops

A great little exercise to practise for this week’s Friday fitness is the bunny hops. Bunny hops is a full body exercise, works the legs, arms, helps build core strength and balance.


You can do these stationary, but the kids will love to move forwards, even if it is just a few hops around the house and / or garden.


For the adults, you can try different variations of this exercise by kicking up and then side to side before moving forward for a more advanced bunny hop.



We’d love you to share your own videos / photo’s doing this with the kids, please hashtag #FridayFitness when you post it on social media. Feel free to tag us in or post directly onto our Facebook Page!


*Disclaimer: Ready Steady Go Kids does not advise exercising if you feel unwell. Please consult a doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition. This is a low impact exercise and should not cause any discomfort, if it does please stop immediately.

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