Friday Fitness – Burpees

Pardon me? Or pardon you? – No we are not trying to burp the alphabet or anything of the sort; these burpees are a full body exercise and are packed with benefits for your well-being.

According to Dr. Jordan D. Metzl, a New York-based sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery and host of Runner’s World’s IronStrength workout (who believes burpees can cure almost anything): “Burpees target every muscle in your body and train your cardiopulmonary fitness by repeatedly bring your heart rate up and down,”

The thing we love about the burpee exercise is that it turns your body into the best piece of workout equipment you could ever own. The burpee trains every muscle including your core, chest and legs. It sends your rate pumping which gives you muscle building benefits.

Now I definitely wish someone had me doing these regularly when I was a kid – can you imagine the strength, conditioning and power I could have now?


We’d love you to share your own videos / photo’s doing this with the kids, please hashtag #FridayFitness when you post it on social media. Feel free to tag us in or post directly onto our Facebook Page!

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*Disclaimer: Ready Steady Go Kids does not advise exercising if you feel unwell. Please consult a doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition. This is a low impact exercise and should not cause any discomfort, if it does please stop immediately.


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