Why should your child join a sports team?

Our friends at Avec Sport wrote this blog post exploring the benefits of children joining a sports team. At Ready Steady Go Kids we place great importance on introducing children to the concept of working together as a team and we encourage our graduates (children leave Ready Steady Go KIds when they reach their 7th birthday) to join sports teams and clubs


Reasons Why Children Should Join A Sports Team

When it comes to children and joining a sports team many parents may be put off due to the weekly practice sessions, tournaments, the competitive nature and intense pressure that children face to make sure their team win, and then comes the disappointment and despair when their team loses. However joining a sports team can be extremely beneficial to a child and can develop their skills not only within the sport they are playing but within the classroom. Here are the reasons why children should join a sports team.



Provides children with exercise

With new phones, TV’s and games being introduced often within the UK it is getting more and more difficult to drag children away from the TV, computer screens, iPads and mobile phones and the threat of getting square eyes doesn’t work anymore. With more and more distractions coming from these devices it is getting harder for your kids to get the exercise they need and with the added ease of takeaways popping up across towns and cities obesity in children is rising.


Getting a child to play a sport is a good way to get them to exercise whilst doing something they enjoy. The key is to make sure they are doing a sport they enjoy and are passionate about therefore to them it will not feel like exercise. Also getting them into a sport which their friends are already doing is a great way for them to socialise outside school and develops their relationships will fellow classmates.



Builds a child’s self-esteem

Children like to win and are very competitive, they will set up goals that they want to achieve when playing their sport such as scoring a goal or beating a certain time depending on the sport they are playing. Once they have achieved their own set goals it will build their self-esteem and make them a much more confident person now and later in their life as they will know that they can achieve anything when they put their mind to it.


Team sports help improve communication

Working as a team is an essential part of a child’s life as what they learn when they are children reflects into their teenage and adult lives. Good communication between team mates whilst playing a sport is key to ensuring your team works well and plays at the best of their ability.


Your child will not only learn how to communicate well between their teammates but they will also learn how to communicate with their coach, referees and other parents. They will understand the difference of how to communicate between peers and how that changes when you talk to someone with a higher authority.


When working within a team issues will arise your child will get to understand how to deal with certain issues and how to communicate well and effectively to possibly resolve the issue at hand. This is a great skill to have when communicating because the value of that skill will carry on long after they leave the pitch into their teenage and adulthood lives.


Help develop thinking skills

With any sport but especially team sports challenges will become apparent meaning your child will have to think of ways to overcome these challenges. Challenges could include how to get the ball in the net from this angle or how to overcome an opponent on the other team.


When situations like this happen it means your child will have to think of ways to conquer the current problem, they will do this by assessing the situation and how to overcome it by using the resources available to them. Having this skill is great as it will be used often through their lives such as learning how to drive.


There are many other reasons why you child should join a sports team but the list is endless. Competitiveness may not be a great thing for some children but the skills they develop when playing a sport is a fundamental key to how they will be when they grow up and these skills will stay with them for life.


Submitted by Avec Sport who have been supplying premium football kits and training wear to professional football clubs for over 20 years. Their experience and partnerships with professional football clubs has allowed them to create suitable products for all football players no matter what league they are in.

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